Gratitude for SST (2011-2012)

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Elizabeth S., 2/20/2012
I feel asleep during my massage. Hazel is very competent and I went into deep relaxation immediately. Hazel has such good energy.

Megan, 2/17/2012
I think Hazel has a great way of communicating what she is doing and letting the client relax. I really enjoyed how good her foot massage was. Normally, in full body massage, the feet get ignored. Hazel, I would come back & see you!! Thanks.

Matt W., 2/13/2012
A surprise and delight I experienced the most was the deep tissue work on my middle back.

Johnson C., 10/12/2011
Hazel and I discovered knots in my back that I didn’t know I had, and she did a great job alleviating my pain.

Kevin C., 9/26/2011
Wow! Fantastic! Hazel broke down segments and got very deep in our deep tissue session.

Chris S., 9/21/2011
Great facilitation, very smooth and fluid throughout. Hazel catered to my every need and she is very accommodating and kind. I had a great session and felt very relaxed and welcome.

Beth M., 9/9/2011
Highly skilled, two of my favorite areas that Hazel worked on were my neck, jaw and the back of my knees. I found myself going to deeper relaxation. She is very friendly and engaged. When I was telling her my concerns, Hazel looked me straight in the eye and she was really connected.

Claire W., 6/13/2011
She is strong, puts her whole body into the work. What gave me surprise and delight was her depth and focus on the areas I requested. Awesome, thank you!

Summer S., 5/13/2011
I loved the nurturing touch, the deep commitment to my healing and the energy Hazel came to the massage with. Hazel is blossoming into her own expression. She is already so amazing.

Patricia J., 2/2011
She was smooth, very in tune to my areas of energy and fantastically competent. Great vibe, tissue work and strength. You are great at this!

Joshua S., 1/9/2011
In general, she is one of the most aware and present people I have ever met. She brings the whole force of her soul to bear on your problems and helping you achieve your goals for the session. She created a very warm, welcoming and safe environment for me. I pointed out some spots in my lower back and shoulders that had been bothering me and by the time Hazel finished I felt like a new person. I loved the fact that she checked in with my body before proceeding which really showed her level of knowledge in massage. I had a 90min session that went by so quick! I did not want to leave. I will be most definitely getting another massage very soon!! This was so heavenly!