Sabbatical until further notice


Hello All,

I want to inform my established and new clients that I am taking some time off for self-care.  For those who follow my updates, read my posts and those who have simply met me, you all know that I am a definite advocate for self love and self care.  I will be taking this time for self reflection and to do some soul searching.  Taking time for yourself is healthy and will help you to be of better service to others, both personally and in the professional world.

I thank you all so much for your business and great loyalty to me.  For your current massage therapeutic needs, I recommend:

Juliana Kramer, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, LMT 

Send her a message, or Call 415-672-2036

Please take the best care of yourselves.  This lifetime is precious, so follow your heart wherever it’ll take you.

Hazel Hernandez, LMT

Spiritual Self Therapy- Owner & Founder



About Hazel Hernandez, CMT/LMT Insured

Holistic Healing Artist and Massage Therapist
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